Documents presented at the 75th GB Meeting held in Brussels

24  October  2017


  1. Opening (Kenyeres)

  2. Welcome (local organizers)

  3. Approval of minutes of 74th TWG meeting in Wroclaw (Söhne, all)

  4. Review of Action Items from previous TWG meetings (Söhne)

  5. EUREF 

    1. Opening address on occasion of the first GB meeting (Poutanen)

    2. Maintenance of list of official national representatives and “EUREF member” organizations (Söhne)

    3. EUREF trademark (Poutanen)

    4. Access to EUREF web page (Söhne)

    5. On the implementation of a Strategy Group (Poutanen)

    6. EUREF publication series (Technical Notes) (all)

  6. Working Groups

    1. WG on EPN Densification (Kenyeres)

    2. WG on Deformation Models (Lidberg)

  7. EPN

    1. Reference Frame Coordinator: New EPN multi-year solution expressed in IGS14  (Legrand)

    2. On the (in)consistency between EPN and IGS network stations (Legrand)

    3. Report of the Troposphere Coordinator (Pacione)

    4. New EPN AC and review of AC guidelines (Liwosz, Pacione)

  8. EUREF contribution to EPOS: EPOS data supplier letter and data policy (Bruyninx)

  9. Relationship and Transformation between ITRS and ETRS89 (Altamimi)

  10. Upcoming tasks and decisions regarding EVRS (Sacher)

  11. EUREF symposium 2018 (Huisman, Söhne)

  12. Action Items (Söhne, Kenyeres)

  13. AOB

    1. FIG Congress, Istambul, 06-11 May 2018 (Lidberg)

    2. Next GB meeting (all)