Documents presented at the 76th GB Meeting held in Padova

27 - 28  February  2018


  1. Opening (Kenyeres)

  2. Welcome (local organizers)

  3. Approval of minutes of 75th GB meeting in Brussels (Söhne, all)

  4. Review of Action Items from previous GB meetings (Söhne)

  5. EPN

    1. Guidelines for EUREF Densifications (Bruyninx)

    2. RT data from Catalunya (Bruyninx, Pacione, Söhne)

  6. 2016 Slovenian GNSS Campaign (Berk, Medved)   

  7. Coordinators

    1. EPN Combination Center Report (Liwosz)

    2. Updated Status of the EPN Multi-Year Solution (Legrand)

    3. Report of the troposphere coordinator (Pacione)

    4. Short note on real-time data streaming (Söhne)

  8. Working Groups

    1. WGs on EPN Densification, European Dense Velocities and Deformation Models: Progress on EPN Densification in Central Europe 

      within the CEGRN EUREF Partnership (Zurutuza)

  9. EUREF simposium 2018 (Alberts)

  10. EUREF strategy (Poutanen)

  11. UN-GGIM:Europe (Poutanen)

  12. External Interfaces

    1. IGS (Dach)

    2. EPOS (Bruyninx, Dousa, Fernandes, Kenyeres, Legrand, Lidberg, Liwosz, Söhne)

    3. EG POSKEN (Bruyninx, Kenyeres)

  13. Promotion and Outreach

    1. Update of EUREF-relevant web pages (Söhne)

  14. Action Items (Söhne, Kenyeres)

  15. AOB

    1. ESA Call “GNSS Scientific Service Center” (all)

    2. BKG issues (Söhne)

    3. Next GB meeting(s) (all)