Documents presented at the Budapest TWG Meeting

March 22 – 23, 2004

Minutes                                                                                Photos

  1. Minutes of the 33rd TWG Meeting in Frankfurt (Hornik)

  2. EUREF Terms of Reference (Torres)

  3. Certification of Non-EUREF GPS Permanent stations (Torres)

  4. ITRF, GALILEO and EUREF relationship (Altamimi for Boucher)

  5. Re-computation of GB 2001 campaign (Altamimi for Greaves)

  6. EPN data flow (Habrich, Stangl)

  7. EPN Network update (Bruyninx)

  8. EUREF Real-Time Project (Weber)

  9. Introduction to Omnistar and Skyfix (Visser)

  10. EUREF-Troposphere Project (Weber)

  11. Status of the EPN Time Series Analysis Special Project (Kenyeres)

  12. European Velocity Field (Altamimi)

  13. Status of the EUVN Densification Action (Kenyeres)

  14. Status of ECGN and UELN (Ihde)

  15. Nordic levellings and the Baltic loop: a status report (Mäkinen)

  16. ESEAS update (Plag)

  17. COST716, EUMETNET and role of EUREF in GPS Meteorology (van der Marel, Brockmann)

  18. Actions of the ExG G of EuroGeographics (Ihde)

  19. Short report on EGGP, IAG Commission 2 (Ihde)

  20. EUREF Symposium 2004 Bratislava (Klobusiak)

  21. Varia

    1. Next TWG meetings

    2. TWG members

    3. EUREF campaign in Romania

    4. Protection of the name and logo for EUREF