Documents presented at the Bratislava TWG Meeting

June 01, 2004


  1. Minutes of the 34rd TWG Meeting in Budapest (Hornik)

  2. Campaign validation: Armenia 2002 (Jivall)

  3. EUREF Terms of Reference (Torres)

  4. Certification of Non-EUREF GPS Permanent stations (Torres)

  5. Legal entity for EUREF (Altamimi)

  6. EUREF & Galileo (Altamimi for Boucher) 

  7. Inter-Regional Working Group of IAG SC1.3 (Altamimi)

  8. EGNOS RIMS survey and methodology validation (Plag)

  9. Special Project Troposphere Parameter Estimation, Status Report (Weber)

  10. EUREF-IP Pilot Project, Status Report (Weber)

  11. EUREF and GPS Meteorology (Van der Marel, Brockmann)

  12. EPN Network update (Bruyninx)

  13. EPN Data Flow (Habrich, Stangl)

  14. Development of EPN Products (Habrich)

  15. Contribution of the Time Series SP to the European Velocity Field Project (Kenyeres)

  16. European Velocity Field and EPN ETRS89 Coordinates (Altamimi)

  17. ECGN Status (Ihde)

  18. Remarks on EVRS/EVRF re-definition (Mäkinen, Ihde)

  19. Nordic levellings and the Baltic loop (Mäkinen)

  20. Short summary Work Plan ExG G of EuroGeographics (Ihde)

  21. Re-computation of GB 2001 campaign (Greaves)

  22. Program of EUREF Symposium 2004 Bratislava (Torres)

  23. Varia

    1. Next TWG meeting