Documents presented at the Prague TWG Meeting

November  08 - 09, 2004


  1. Minutes of the 35th TWG Meeting in Bratislava (Hornik)

  2. Campaign validation:Romania 2003 (Rus)

  3. EGNOS methodology validation – letter formal approval (Altamimi)

  4. EUPOS representative to TWG (Altamimi)

  5. Special session and invited lectures for EUREF Symposium (Torres)

  6. EUREF presentation at the next IAG Scientific Assembly (Torres)

  7. Certification of Non-EUREF GPS Permanent stations (Torres)

  8. Galileo proposals - GGSP (Altamimi)

  9. Short Info. on ITRF2004 and IERS CPP (Altamimi)

  10. EUREF contribution to UN WG on Site Quality, Integrity and Interference Monitoring (Kenyeres)

  11. Special Project Troposphere Parameter Estimation, Status Report (Weber)

  12. EUREF-IP Pilot Project, Status Report (Weber)

  13. EPN CB report (Bruyninx)

  14. EPN Guidelines (Bruyninx)

  15. EPN Data Flow (Stangl, Habrich)

  16. Short info on GOP EPN Data Center (Dousa)

  17. ESEAS Workshop report (Habrich)

  18. Legal entity for EUREF (Ihde)

  19. Joint adjustment of Nordic leveling networks: Status report (Mäkinen)

  20. Spectral analysis of EPN time series (Caporali)

  21. DORIS processing by Bernese Software (Stepanek)

  22. ECGN Status (Ihde)

  23. Current works of the ExG G of EuroGeographics (Ihde)

  24. Varia

  1. Next TWG meeting