Documents presented at the 54th TWG Meeting held in Lisbon

22 - 23 November 2010


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Minutes of the 53th TWG meeting in Gävle (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 53th TWG meeting in Gävle (all)

  4. What does EUREF consider as a realization of EVRS? (Lidberg)

  5. ECGN Report (Poutanen)

  6. EUREF densification campaign in Republic of Serbia (Veljkovic)

  7. EUREF campaigns - Web presentations and submitted data (Stangl)

  8. EUREF home page (Ihde)

  9. Report on ETRS89 Working Group (Lidberg)

  10. Monitoring of official national ETRF coordinates on EPN web (Brockmann) 

  11. AFREF and connection with EUREF (Fernandes)

  12. COST initiative on the combination of regional solutions for positions and velocities (Caporali)

  13. ITRF2008 and transformation to ETRF2000 (Altamimi)

  14. Introduction of ITRF2008/IGS08 and IGS08.atx antenna calibrations in the EPN (Bruyninx) 

  15. Report of the EPN LAC-Workshop 2010 and first experiences using ITRF2008 and RINEX3 for EPN (Habrich) 

  16. Milestones for using Galileo IOV satellites in RT positioning (Habrich)

  17. EPN real-time analysis (Söhne)

  18. Jamming of the new receiver generation by nearby radio sources - legal and technical aspects (Stangl)

  19. Guidelines for EUREF densifications (Bruyninx)

  20. EUREF symposium 2011 (Ihde)

  21. EUREF TWG membership (Hornik, Bruyninx)

  22. EUREF trademark (Hornik)

  23. Commission 1 symposium - REFAG (Altamimi, Torres)

  24. ICG5 meeting (Ihde)

  25. Next TWG Meeting (All)

  26. Action Items (all)