Documents presented at the 55th TWG Meeting held in Padua

03 - 04 March 2011


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Minutes of the 54th TWG meeting in Lisbon (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 54th TWG meeting in Lisbon (all)

  4. Partnerships

         a. CEGRN/EUREF partnership (Caporali)

         b. Other (Torres)

  5. EUREF (re) elections (Torres)

  6. ECGN Report (Poutanen)

  7. EUREF campaigns - Web presentations and submitted data (Stangl)

  8. Lifetime of ETRS89 coordinates (Caporali)

  9. Transformation parameters between national height systems and EVRF2007 (Sacher, Söhne)

  10. Information about the circular letter ETRS89 and EUREF products (Ihde, Habrich)

  11. ITRF2008 and transformation to ETRF2000 (Altamimi)

  12. Reports from EPN Coordination group

         a. EPN stations in the ITRF2008 (Bruyninx)

         b. EPN antenna calibrations (Bruyninx) 

         c. Reference frame of combined EPN solution: ITRF2008 or IGS08 (Habrich, Brockmann)

         d. ITRF densification: datum definition (Dousa, Kenyeres)

         e. Real-time activities (Söhne) 

         f. TIGA CfP (Habrich)

  13. EUREF symposium 2011 (Hornik)

  14. Divers

         a. CODE annual meeting (Brockmann)

         b. Galileo GGRI WG (Söhne) 

  15. Next TWG Meeting (All)

  16. Action Items (all)