Documents presented at the 56th TWG Meeting held in Chisinau

24th May 2011


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Minutes of the 55th TWG meeting in Padua (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 55th TWG meeting in Padua (all)

  4. EUREF symposium 2011:

         a. Organization (Ovdii, Ihde, Hornik)

         b. Symposium Program (all session chairs)

         c. Resolution committee (all)

         d. Best student poster committee (Torres)

  5. Partnerships:

         a. CEGRN/EUREF MoU (Caporali)

         b. Potential partnerships with EUREF (Torres)

  6. EPOS (Coco, Fernandes)   (1)   (2)

  7. EUREF (re) electins (Torres)

  8. Current status of the adjustment UELN/EVRF (Ihde, Sacher)

  9. ECGN Report (Poutanen)   (1)   (2)

  10. ETRS89 Working Group (Lidberg)

  11. Reports from EPN Coordination Group

         a. Action plan for introduction of IGS08 (Bruyninx)

         b. Reference stations of weekly EPN solution (Habrich)

         c. Repro1 (Völksen, Habrich, Söhne) 

         d. 1st experiences of ITRF2008+repro1 cumulative solution (Kenyeres)

         e. TIGA CfP (Habrich)

         f.  EPN rela-time analysis (Söhne)   (1)   (2)

  12. Questions of the further developments of INSPIRE data with respecto to CRS (Ihde)   (1)   (2)   (3)

  13. EUREF campaigns:

         a. EUREF-MAKPOS 2010 GNSS campaign (Lidberg, Tasevski, Stojanovska)

         b. ETRS89 densification on the Faroe Islands (Weber, Khan)

         c. EUREF campaigns - Web presentations and submitted data (Stangl)

  14. Divers:

         a. Information about the circular letter ETRS89 and EUREF products (Ihde, Habrich) 

         b. EUPOS ISC meeting (Kenyeres)

         c. FIG presentation (Torres)   (1)   (2)   (3)

         d. Next IUGG (Altamimi) 

         e. Galileo GGRI WG (Söhne)

  15. Next TWG Meeting (all)

  16. Action Items (all)