Documents presented at the 57th TWG Meeting held in Frankfurt

27 - 28  October  2011


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Minutes of the 56th TWG meeting in Chisinau (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 56th TWG meeting in Chisinau (all)

  4. Procedure for generation of minutes & action items of TWG (Caporali)

  5. IUGG G01 symposium, Melbourne

    1. Structure of IAG Commission I and SC1.3 for the next 4 years (Torres)

    2. WG “Unified Dense Velocity Field” (Bruyninx)

  6. Reports from EPN Coordination Group:

    1. Reprocessing status (Völksen, Habrich, Kenyeres)

    2. Application of antenna calibration models in EPN  (Bruyninx)

    3. EPN real-time analysis – Chisinau resolution 5 (Söhne, Weber)

  7. Future/new GNSS signals

    1. RINEX 3 in IGS/EPN (Brockmann)

    2. IGS Multi-GNSS Global Experiment (Bruyninx)

    3. GPS L5 –Chisinau resolution 2 (Bruyninx)

  8. ETRF Coordinate monitoring – Chisinau resolution 3 (Brockmann)

  9. Maintenance of ETRS89 (Lidberg)

  10. EUREF campaigns - status of deliverables and web pages (Stangl)

  11. Meeting on Chart Datum for the Baltic Sea (Lidberg)

  12. ECGN Report (Poutanen)

  13. EVRS status (Ihde)


    1. Questions of the further development of Inspire data with respect to CRS (Ihde)

    2. Version 2 of the Annexes II and III of the Implementing Rules (Torres)

  15. EPOS update (Fernandes)

  16. EUREF TWG membership/elections (Caporali)

  17. Updates of EUREF web site (Caporali)

  18. Status of the proceedings of the EUREF symposium in Chisinau (Caporali)

  19. EUREF symposium 2012:

    1. Organization (Altamimi)

    2. Symposium Sessions (all)

  20. Divers :

    1. EUPOS ISC meeting and symposium Oct.11- 13 (Kenyeres, Ihde)

    2. ICG-6 meeting Sept 5-9 (Ihde, Altamimi)

  21. Next TWG Meeting (all)

  22. Action Items (all)