Documents presented at the 59th TWG Meeting held in Paris

5th  June  2012


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Approval of Minutes of the 58th TWG meeting in Brussels (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 58th TWG meeting in Brussels (all)

  4. Draft proposal for GNSS WG (Dousa, Brockmann)

  5. Proposal for new EUREF WG on Geodynamics (Lidberg)

  6. Real-time analysis

    1. Transformation of satellite orbits and EOP into ETRF2000 (Habrich)

    2. Feedback on EPN real-time analysis web pages (Söhne)

  7. Updates of EPN CB web site (Bruyninx)

  8. IGS08 densification (Kenyeres)

  9. Assessment of Repro1 results and impact of IGS08 models (Dousa)

  10. Relationship between EUREF and EuroGeographics (Ihde)

  11. INSPIRE Transformation services and CRS metadata (ISO19111 / registry) (Brockmann, Ihde)

  12. EUREF TWG membership/elections (Torres)

  13. EUREF symposium 2012

    1. General Organisation (Duret)

    2. Best student poster award (Torres)

    3. Organisation of the sessions (Ihde)

    4. Proceedings (Caporali)

  14. Proceedings of previous EUREF symposia (Ihde)

  15. Divers:

    1. Report from UNOOSA Workshop on GNSS applications, May 2012, Latvia (Habrich)

    2. EUREF campaigns - status of deliverables and web pages (Stangl, Bruyninx)

  16. Next meetings

    1. TWG Meeting (All)

    2. EUREF retreat (Ihde, all)

  17. Action Items (all)