Documents presented at the 61st TWG Meeting held in Brussels

21 - 22  March  2013


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Approval of Minutes of the 60th TWG meeting in Bern (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 60th TWG meeting in Bern (all)

  4. Next EUREF symposium in Budapest

    1. Organisational aspects (Kenyeres)

    2. Scientific program (Ihde, Caporali)

    3. Best students / young scientist presentation award (Ihde)

  5. WG on deformation models (Lidberg, presented by Bruyninx)

  6. INSPIRE (Poutanen)

  7. EUREF promotion and outreach (Poutanen, Söhne)

  8. Multi-GNSS WG

    1. General (Brockmann et al.)

    2. G-Nut software development (Dousa)

  9. Role of permanent positions / coordinators, Review of ToR (Ihde et al.)

  10. EPN:

    1. BSW5.2 in EPN processing (Brockmann, Dach)

    2. EPN Densification (Kenyeres)

    3. CEGRN EPN combination (Caporali)

    4. Real-time analysis SP (Söhne)

    5. Next EPN LAC workshop (Bruyninx, Söhne)

    6. EPN ACC successor (Ihde et al.)

  11. Divers:

    1. Status web publication papers EUREF 2012 (and before) (Caporali)

    2. EPN-REPRO1 paper (Habrich, Völksen)

    3. COST GNSS4SWEC action (Dousa)

    4. EPOS update (Fernandes)

    5. Russian reference frame sub-commission (Ihde)

    6. EUREF paper IAG Scientific Assembly (Potsdam, deadline: 21 April 2013) (all)

    7. ITRF2013 (Altamimi)

  12. Next meetings

  13. Action Items (all)