Documents presented at the 63rd TWG Meeting held in Vienna

22 - 23  October  2013


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Approval of minutes of 62nd TWG meeting in Budapest (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 62nd TWG meeting in Budapest (all)

  4. EPN Densification (Kenyeres)

  5. EUREF-CEGRN MoU: repro2 of CEGRN campaigns and densification of EPN in Central Europe (Caporali)

  6. EPOS News (Fernandes, Lidberg, Dousa, Bruyninx)

  7. EPN News

    1. CB (Bruyninx)

    2. EPN Real-Time Monitoring (Söhne)

  8. EPN ACC report and update of AC guidelines (Szafranek)

  9. EUREF Troposphere (Pacione, Söhne)

  10. Multi-GNSS WG

    1. Tracking of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and other GNSS signals / enhancing the EPN infrastructure

      1. RINEX3 format, MGEX monitoring at CODE (Brockmann)

      2. Status Q-monitoring RINEX3 (Dousa)

    2. Analysis of GLONASS data

      1. News from BSW5.2 and usage of GLONASS (Szafranek)

    3. Analysis of new GNSS signals

      1. IGS-MGEX data analyses (Brockmann)

      2. Data processing test EUREF-MGEX (Söhne)

      3. Navigation message and time scale issues for GPS Glonass Galileo Beidou and SBAS (Caporali)

    4. Planning (Brockmann, all)

  11. EUREF ToR (Torres, Ihde)

  12. EUREF product catalogue (Söhne et al.)

  13. EUREF promotion and outreach (Söhne)

  14. WG on Deformation models (Lidberg)

  15. Divers

    1. Report on the EuroGeographics General Assembly (Torres)

    2. Report on EUPOS activities (Kenyeres)

  16. Next meetings

    1. TWG meeting, Feb. or March 2014 in Gävle (Lidberg, Caporali)

    2. Next EUREF symposium in Vilnius, June 4-6, 2014 (all)

  17. Action Items (all)