Documents presented at the 65th TWG Meeting held in Vilnius

03  June  2014


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

  2. Approval of minutes of 64th TWG meeting in Gävle (all)

  3. Review of Action Items of 64th TWG meeting in Gävle (all)

  4. Organization of EUREF symposium in Vilnius

    1. Organisational aspects (Parseliunas)

    2. Scientific program (Ihde, Caporali)

    3. Best students / young scientists presentation award (Ihde)

  5. EUREF Tutorial (Söhne)  (file 1, file 2

  6. EUREF ToR (Ihde, Torres)

  7. Latest Developments wrt EPOS (Fernandes)

  8. WG on Deformation Models (Lidberg)

  9. EPN Densification (Kenyeres, Bruyninx)

  10. EUREF-CEGRN MoU: Status and Proposal of Coordinate Validation (Stangl, Caporali)

  11. MoU EUREF-EUPOS, EuroGeographics KEN (Oruba, Ihde)

  12. EPN ACC News (Szafranek)

  13. Proposal for New EPN LAC (Szafranek)

  14. EUREF Troposphere (Pacione, Söhne)

  15. EUREF Contribution to ICG (Altamimi, Caporali, Dousa)

  16. Guidelines for EPN Broadcaster (Söhne)

  17. EUREF Product Catalogue (Söhne et al.)  (file 1, file 2

  18. Status of ITRF2013 (Altamimi)

  19. Next meetings

    1. Fall 2014 TWG Meeting (all)

    2. EUREF 2015 Symposium (Ihde, Caporali)

  20. Action Items (all)