Documents presented at the 68th TWG Meeting held in Leipzig

01 - 02  June  2015


  1. Opening (Bruyninx)

    1. Welcome address (Ihde)

  2. Approval of minutes of 67th TWG meeting in Warsaw (all)

  3. Review of Action Items from previous TWG meetings (all)

  4. EUREF 2015 symposium (Ihde, Söhne)

    1. Program

    2. Resolution committee

  5. Introduction of EVRS as reference for hydrographic work in the Baltic Sea (Lidberg, Mononen)

  6. Polish campaign validation (Ryczywolski)

  7. CEGRN campaign validation (Caporali)

  8. EUREF 2016 symposium (Zurutuza)

  9. Status of the ITRF2014 (Altamimi)

  10. WG on Deformation Models (Lidberg)

  11. WG on EPN Densification (Kenyeres)

  12. RINEX3 data flow (Stangl)

  13. EPN Combination (Szafranek)

  14. Troposphere (Pacione)

  15. EUREF positions (Candidates EUREF Chair, TWG Chair, Secretary, procedure) (Torres et al.)

  16. EUREF ToR (Ihde)

  17. Short Notes

    1. EPOS (Fernandes)

  18. Action Items (all)