Documents presented at the 69th TWG Meeting held in Bern

13 October  2015


  1. Opening (Kenyeres)

  2. Approval of minutes of 68th TWG meeting in Leipzig (all)

  3. Review of Action Items from previous TWG meetings (all)

  4. EUREF

    1. Terms of Reference (Ihde)

    2. List of liaison persons - update (Söhne)

  5. Campaigns

    1. The 2015 CEGRN campaign and processing (Caporali)

  6. Height & Gravity

    1. Vertical Datum Transformation - ESRI letter (Bruyninx, Ihde)

  7. EUREF 2016 symposium (Zurutuza)

  8. EPN

    1. New EPN stations (Bruyninx)

    2. Update of the EPN stations guidelines ((Bruyninx)

    3. Real-Time Project Report (Söhne)

    4. Reference Frame Coordinator Report (Kenyeres)

  9. Working Groups)

    1. WG on EPN Densification (Kenyeres)

    2. WG on Deformation Models (Lidberg)

    3. Multi-GNSS WG

      1. Multi-GNSS Activities swisstopo / EPN (Brockmann)

      2. Update on time scales biases and compatibility between SP3 and broadcast ephemeris (Caporali)

      3. RINEX v3 long file names in EPN RDCs (Stangl)

    4. Reprocessing WG (Voelksen)

      1. Analysis Centre Coordinator Report (Szafranek)

      2. Repro2 EPN troposphere combination (Pacione)

  10. EPOS - EUREF relation (Bruyninx, Fernandes, Kenyeres, Dousa)

  11. Status of the ITRF2014 (Altamimi)

  12. Short Notes

    1. Update on UN-GGIM WG on the GGRF  (Altamimi)

    2. UN GGIM: Europe (Poutanen, Ihde)

    3. EUPOS status (Kenyeres)

  13. Action Items (all)

  14. AOB

    1. Next TWG meeting (all)