Documents presented at the 71st TWG Meeting held in SanSebastian

23  May  2016


  1. Opening (Kenyeres)

  2. Approval of minutes of 70th TWG meeting in Lisbon (all)

  3. Review of Action Items from previous TWG meetings (all)

  4. EUREF 2016 Symposium

    1. Current Status (Zurutuza)

    2. Pre-conference resolutions (Söhne)

  5. Working Groups)

    1. Reprocessing WG - repro2 results and conclusions (Araszkiewicz)

    2. Repro2 troposphere combination (Pacione)

  6. EPN

    1. Analysis Centre Coordinator report (Liwosz et al.)

    2. Status of new tropo SINEX format (Dousa, Pacione)

    3. New EPN stations (Söhne)

    4. EPN real-time project (Söhne)

  7. Proposal for ITRF2014-based ETRS89 realization (Altamimi)

  8. External Interfaces

    1. EPOS-GNSS consortium governance (Bruyninx)

    2. UN-GGIM: Europe (Poutanen, Ihde)

  9. Action Items (Söhne, Kenyeres)

  10. AOB

    1. Next TWG meeting(s) (all)

    2. Next EUREF Symposium (all)