Documents presented at the 72nd TWG Meeting held in Vienna

20 - 21  October 2016


  1. Opening

  2. Approval of minutes of 71st TWG meeting in San Sebastian (all)

  3. Review of Action Items from previous TWG meetings (Söhne)

  4. EPN

    1. EPN CB report (Bruyninx)

    2. Analysis Centre Coordinator report (Liwosz)

    3. Short note on usage of individual vs. type mean antenna calibration (Araszkiewicz)

    4. On the handling of different individual antenna calibrations (Dach)

    5. OLG Data Centre migration (Mitterschiffthaler)

    6. Short note on Action Item 3 of TWG71 on possible reformulation of EPN station guidelines (Söhne)

  5. Reprocessing WG: Conclusions from Repro2 and product delivery (Voelksen)

  6. Multi-GNSS WG (Brockmann et al.)

  7. Alignment of EPN cumulative solutions to IGb08 (Caporali)

  8. Terms of Reference (all)

  9. UN-GGIM

    1. Brief Sumary of UN-GGIM 6th session (Altamimi)

    2. UN-GGIM: Europe (Poutanen))

  10. EUREF 2017 Symposium (Kaplon)

  11. EPOS (Bruyninx et al.)

  12. ITRF2014 - ETRS89

    1. ITRF2014 Plate Motion Model - Discussion on ETRS89 realization (Altamimi)

    2. ETRS89 Questionnaire (all)

  13. AOB

    1. MERGE (Lidberg)

    2. Co-seismic displacements following the Aug, 24, 2016 esrthquake near Rome (Caporali)

    3. IGC-11 meeting in Sotchi, Russia, Nov 6-11, 2016 (Poutanen)

    4. Eurisy (Söhne)

    5. EUREF presentation at BGR workshop in Hanover, Germany, Nov, 2-3, 2016 (Söhne)

  14. Next TWG meeting (all)

  15. Action Items (Söhne, Kenyeres)