Documents presented at the 73rd TWG Meeting held in Matera

16  February  2017


  1. Opening

  2. Welcome (local organizers)

  3. Approval of minutes of 72nd TWG meeting in Vienna (all)

  4. Review of Action Items from previous TWG meetings (Söhne)

  5. EUREF: Terms of Reference (Poutanen, Söhne, Kenyeres, Altamimi)

  6. EUREF 2017 Symposium - progress, status, issues (Kaplon. Söhne)

  7. ETRS89 realization

    1. On the ETRF2014 realization (Lidberg)

    2. ETRS89 questionnaire (Söhne, Altamimi, Kenyeres, Poutanen)

  8. EPN: Central Bureau - new web page (Bruyninx)

  9. EPN: Data Flow Coordinator - transition OLG AC and DV to BEV (Stangl)

  10. EPN: Analysis Centre Coordinator - status report (Liwosz)

  11. EPN: Reference Frame Coordinator - preparation for the introduction of IGS14 (Kenyeres)

  12. EPN: Real-Time Coordinator - status of EPN real-time streams (Bruyninx, Söhne)

  13. EPN: Troposphere Coordinator - status of SINEX_TRO format (Pacione)

  14. Multi-GNSS WG

    1. Status of and plans for Multi-GNSS (Brockmann)

    2. Review on Multi-GNSS action items (Söhne)

  15. Reprocessing WG

    1. Cleaning of EPN historical database (Dousa, Araszkiewicz, Bruyninx, Kenyeres, Liwosz, Pacione)

  16. EPOS

    1. Status report (Bruyninx, Fernandes, Dousa, Kenyeres, Lidberg, Söhne)

    2. Introduction to GLASS (Fernandes)

  17. AOB - next TWG meeting (all)

  18. Review of Action Items (Söhne, Kenyeres)