Documents presented at the 74th TWG Meeting held in Wroclaw

15 - 16  May  2017


  1. Opening

  2. Welcome (local organizers)

  3. Approval of minutes of 73rd TWG meeting in Matera (all)

  4. Review of Action Items from previous TWG meetings (Söhne)

  5. EUREF 2017 Symposium (Kaplon)

    1. Final programme

    2. Resolutions

  6. EUREF: Terms of Reference (Poutanen et al.)

  7. ETRS89

    1. Evaluation of questionnaire (Söhne et al.)

    2. On possibles alternatives for the realization of ETRS89 based on ITRF2014 (Lidberg)

  8. New Working Group on "European dense velocities" - presentation of draft charter (Brockmann)

  9. Status Report on EPN Densification: prepared for publication (Kenyeres)

  10. RFC report on the transition to the IGS14-based European Reference Frame realization (Kenyeres)

  11. Offset computation for the switch from IGb08 to IGS14 (Legrand)

  12. Troposphere Coordinator

    1. Review of the Guidelines for EPN Analysis Center-Trop. MF (Pacione)

    2. Meteo Data Calibration (Pacione)

  13. External Interfaces

    1. Supra National Ground Motion Service (Söhne)

  14. Review of Action Items (Söhne, Kenyeres)

  15. AOB

    1. Next TWG meeting (all)

    2. 2018 Symposium (Poutanen)

    3. Analysis Centres Workshop (Söhne)

    4. Handling of downloads of presentations of TWG meetings (Söhne)