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Updated 2011.10.18
Updated 2017.03.22


EUREF is the IAG Reference Frame Sub-Commission for Europe, integrated in the Sub-Commission 1.3, Regional Reference Frames, under Commission 1 – Reference Frames, following the implementation of the new IAG structure at the IUGG (International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics) General Assembly held in Sapporo, 2003.

The Sub-Commission EUREF was founded in 1987 at the IUGG General Assembly held in Vancouver.

EUREF deals with the definition, realization and maintenance of the European Reference Frame - the geodetic infrastructure for multinational projects requiring precise geo-referencing (e.g. three-dimensional and time dependent positioning, geodynamics, precise navigation, geo-information) - in close cooperation with the IAG components (Services, Commissions, and Inter-commision projects) and EuroGeographics, the consortium of the National Mapping Agencies (NMA) in Europe.